How do I stay Motivated?

Who are we kidding, we all struggle to stay motivated to workout. Within seconds we can have a list of excuses to cancel a workout. Prepare yourself for these moments by using some or all of the following suggestions. Give "WILL" some "POWER".

  • Make a commitment. Join a fitness class, group or clinic. It is harder to cancel when you have a time and monetary commitment.

  • Find an accountabilty partner or group! **my favorite**

  • Reward yourself after fulfilling your commitment, maybe some new LULU is in order?

  • When you aren't in the mood, immediately start to "Go through the Motions." Put your workout gear on as soon as you get home, or feel a twinge to cancel. It is harder to back out of a workout if you are wearing your workout gear. I do this ALOT!

  • Set a GOAL for yourself. It will pump you up for a workout. eg) I am going to do all the advanced mods! or I am going to lose 2 lbs / week!

  • Keep your workouts fun, maybe social, and mostly inspiring. Challenge your body to do new things!

  • Don't expect miracles. Every day is different, and every workout is medicine for your body, even without noticeable immediate results.

  • Create a fun competition with a friend or accountability partner.... this is the best! Log activity minutes, stair count, pedometer steps, weight loss etc. Be creative!

  • Log your exercise accomplishments. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the calendar on the fridge with stars on the days I exercised. When the calendar fills up with stars, I get excited about starting a new page.

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