Little Steps to Big Changes

Ask yourself what is it that keeps you from being a better you?

When we ask ourselves what is keeping us from makes changes to a healthier you? 1 of the top 5 answers we hear most often as fitness professionals is time, or too busy.

What is keeping you from being your best self?

Let’s take a look into what we can do to take little steps forward in our day to day lives, incorporating what we already do to set ourselves up for success and the road to change.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

Table cream vs Milk vs black difference:

Measurement used in the following facts , 1 tablespoon, = 15 ml

  • Table cream / coffee cream at fast food restaurants, 29 Calories

  • Half and half , 20 calories

  • Whole milk , 9 calories

  • 2% milk, 8 calories

  • 1% milk, 6 calories

  • Nonfat / skim milk, 5 calories

Ok now let’s talk fat

There is 3,500 cal in 1 lb of fat

So 3,500 calories of cream will be consumed in 175 days, = 1 lb

In a year you can consume 2 x that, 2 lbs gained in a year from cream in a coffee alone

Compared to non fat / skim milk which translates into700 days, about 2 years of consuming coffee everyday with a tablespoon of nonfat milk, will be 1 lb gained. Of course that above is just an exercise in awareness of what we are putting into our bodies and without daily exercise what that means.

Meal Planning

Another small step that will begin big changes over time and minimal effort is meal planning. When we take the time, which can be as little as 15 min when you get great at it in bout 3 weeks of planning meals to max 1 hour.

Meal planning saves us extra trips to the grocery store, impulse buys with sales items when you see them, healthier choices, and time shopping and commute savings.

When you break it all down there is no down side to meal planning and if you even want you can involve the family members so there is less ( of course not eliminated ) whining when meals are served. Everyone in the house can pick a meal and therefore everyone has opportunity for input and choices. The double benefit is conversation and awareness on budget as well as balanced meals. You will have less wasted food, less wasted funds, and more awareness of what is going into your bodies. Bonus, order groceries online, and save time too with pick up instead of walking in store, and use that time for exercise!!

Steps Steps and more Steps

What about parking farther at your work, gym, school, getting off one bus stop earlier, or two after….using stairs when you can, using a photo copier on the other side of the office, or a washroom on another floor, finding a local coffee hut you can walk to, or a grocery store the family can walk to for some fruit. We need 10,000 steps in a day …. Ok really you need 7,000 to 8,000 but 10,000 is making sure you are getting closer to your goals, 10,000 has shown to reduce blood pressure, and improve glucose levels. So try harder than the 7,000 and 8,000 because you can.

When we consciously make these efforts for movement in our day, more time to not type, drive, sit, screen time, we are moving forward in all senses of the word towards what we can do. It is recommended by the Canadian physical activity guide to move 150 minutes a week, 25 min a day for 6 days Moderate to vigorous activity is what you are going for when you are choosing an activity to do. Also it is recommended to do 2 days a week of muscle strengthen activities with the above time These extra steps can become leaps for better health overall including physical, mental, and emotional. Clearing your head is a bonus, you can feel endorphins in your body increasing and you can change some bad moments in a day into a wonderful day, and this changes our outlook on moments, days, and the big picture of life. When we get more energy out of our days, you are getting the body moving, and this gives you better sleep more energy, and encourages more movement


Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are you are saying no to this question. Well if you are not giving your body what it needs in physical activity it does not perform well, if you are not giving your body what you need nutritionally it does not perform well. So what makes you think you can compromise on your sleep?

If your body has less than it needs, you will be in a fight and flight mode! Your body thinks it needs to fight! So it doesn’t use energy for muscle repair, or aerobic weight loss, or can’t stay in anaerobic efforts even if you want to.… you need to say I am important and I need this much sleep in order to function and heal and be a better me. I don’t want to impose an amount of hours on you here, you pick 10, 8, 7.25 hours.. what do you need? Set a bed time and stick with it. Try it for a week day Monday through Friday and see how you feel, add it to the journey you are on, more strength, faster time in 5 km, weight loss and see if it makes a difference.

Make a Goal

If you have read this far you are invested, you need to make a 30 day goal.

You need to pick something above that speaks to you to equal change.

Not the easiest, the one that you need.

You deserve it.

When you make a DR. appointment you go to it, when you make a dentist appointment you go. Make an appointment with yourself to take a step towards change, better you, stronger you. Imagine the possibilities! Setting these goals be it activity, nutrition, meal prep, walking steps, will allow you to recognize what is holding you back from these goals and what is helping you reach them. If you want to see change you will make it happen, we are here standing beside you, encouraging the whole way you are not alone.

Little step, big changes ! LEAP for it

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