Why to get involved in our kid's activities

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Many of us are parents, and with that comes the dubious “Children’s Activities”. We can approach this in 2 ways, as a pain in the @$$, or as an opportunity to grow, bond and connect with our child(ren) and family.

Check that dreaded box “volunteer”. I challenge you! We don’t need to be a professional, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, google has all the answers and there is lots of help in the coaching network. It can actually make the activity more fun than just sitting on the sidelines, surfing facebook. Here are 5 reasons we should get involved:

  1. We are desperately needed. Many organizations need volunteers so badly. It really affects the quality of the programs offered. How many times have we sat on the sideline and complained about this or that when our own involvement might make the difference. Just recently I sat in a 2 hour line to register my girls for basketball, and all I could think, is how much smoother it would have been if a few more parent volunteers were sitting behind those tables.

  2. Our kids appreciate it! Yes, being involved is so meaningful to our kids. I will never forget how my girls beam when they explain to their peers that mommy is one of their school Track Team coaches. They are more excited about the sports I am involved it.

  3. You have a chance to imprint on kids. There are many kids without strong adult role models in their life and will remember the coach or assistant coach of one of their teams as a very important person in their lives. We can build self esteem and confidence in not just our own kids, but many others as well. I love walking through my girls school, get high 5’s and “Hello Coach Tab”. We leave an impact.

  4. More quality time with your kids. As our kids get older and more involved with activities it can seem sometimes that we just dont have opportunbities to connect. This is a great way to have shared experiences and bond over a commonality with your kids. You get to know their mates, you get to be on the inside, and a creates a great bond.

  5. You will meet many cool people and build great friendships. I have made many new friends by being involved. Relationships with other parents grow past the sidelines, and become cherished friendships.

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